Our goal is to provide you with a high quality candle that is aesthetically pleasing, and eliminates unecessary waste. Let's make the world a better place by reducing the waste of the typical candle, and giving yourself the upgrade you deserve.


Before Wax Rehab, we were always on the hunt for the perfect candle. We found ourselves dealing with the same problems over and over again. We either liked the scent but not the vessel, or liked the look of the vessel but the scent didn't match up. With candles that had both appealing vessels and scents, it all ended once the wax was gone. We had no way of refilling it, and the vessels were tossed.

In 2019, as Kenzie and Jac discussed their common frustrations, the idea of creating a candle that was refillable was shared. Andy found a gap in the market, and Mike went to work on bringing the idea to life.

Three years,

and many failed attempts later,

we are happy to say we have created what we believe to be the perfect refillable candle. We hand pour each vessel and candle, ensuring yours is unique and one of a kind.

We never could have imagined that a conversation between two stay at home moms would spark an idea that would drive us to make a change for good in the world. We continue to work hard to bring you the best we can, because you deserve nothing less!